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Risks & Rewards Of Investing In Silo Token. Pros and Cons

Emerging markets often seem to offer to provide new investment opportunities, their elevated economic growth rates offering higher expected returns—not to mention the benefits of diversification. But there are a number of risks that potential investors should be aware of before planting seeds of their capital in one of these up-and-comers ...

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admin 11 October 2017 29 comments risks, warning, cons permalink

Crypto Regulations ‘Not Close’ US Security Coordinator Says

In recent months, the increased focus on cryptocurrency regulation and enforcement at both the federal and state levels demonstrates the digital currency’s place as an established component of the financial landscape. At the same time, the cryptocurrency industry has become more attuned to and engaged with government. Growth in this space appears likely to continue. Below we discuss some of the recent notable legislation, regulation and enforcement developments in this industry. ...

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admin 11 October 2017 29 comments costs, mining, issue permalink

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